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A Bit About Me

I've started my pursuit with design while I was in high school, and I instantly fell in love with it. One of many reasons why I fell in love with design and motion was the fact that I could come up with a simple concept that may not look like much on paper, and then make it a reality and seeing it transform throughout the design process.

While I was pursuing my Interactive Media Production degree, I started to become more interested in the technical aspect of creating a website and not just designing them. While learning how to code, my attention to detail within my designs strengthen due to knowing what platforms I’m designing for and the limitations within.

With this new knowledge of front-end development, paired with my designing skills, my attention to details got sharper as well as it broadened my design knowledge. Learning how people interact with sites and how certain aspects of websites are not only constructed but used has added a great amount of insight to my design process and it’s no longer about making sites just look good, but also about how the end user will interact and feel about the site in general. Knowing how to design for multiple platforms while maintaining the same design principles and consistency has sharpened my overall skills.

Right now I’m currently working full time as a web developer and freelancing on the side. My interest is working closely with brands to help with their brand identity and help make their presence known, especially startups. Working on startups to help them define their brand, and help them break into their industry.

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